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Maybe even a few months ago for many application data of Health was one of those apps that catch dust “in a folder with my Exchange, Game Center, Compass Councils, however, with the arrival of Apple Watch many users have begun to catch him something more than affection. And although far from perfect the data it collects and stores are a reflection of our body and that ultimately is invaluable (especially if you have a watch that is responsible for collecting the data). Hence, when we go to change phone simply want to restore the last thing we want is to lose everything we’ve been collecting.

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Health Award for Outstanding Institution aims to recognize successful programs in terms of improving the health of the population of the region. The recognition seeks to promote the implementation, replication and dissemination of successful programs for the benefit of the population of Latin America. Being public private nonprofit institutions legally incorporated in any of the countries of Latin America the Caribbean.

RBE, ICSE and sec annual supplements published a more specific themes that translate the interests of the community of researchers and professionals in the area at that time. Similar to other journals with institutional subsidies and public funding agencies such as CAPES, CNPq and the FAPs, these magazines are facing challenges with the financial sustainability and editorial production flow.