Commission Approves Health Decriminalize Abortion Causes In Three

Climate change affects not only the environment, but also threatens human health. Therefore, in recent years has been on increasing the number of studies linking diseases and damages to human health in general, the phenomenon of climate change.

madrid. An international team of scientists has identified for the first time, biological causes related to clinical depression. They have found two genetic alterations that, they say, predispose people to suffer from this disease. A discovery that breaks new ground in understanding the pathological sadness, a condition which still little is known despite suffer hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

According to Lars Kalfhaus, CEO of Emminens Healthcare Services, understand the importance of enhancing the knowledge base of development in the field of health, from Emminens we offer all our experience of over 10 years at Digital Health to contribute to excellent formative work, researcher and adviser to the EASP “.

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The presentation of academic offerings for medical specializations and scholarship programs in the area of ​​health, was held with the presence of Carina Vance, Minister of Public Health; Rina Pazos, General Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation; Hernan Ramirez, Director of Graduate Studies at the Central University of Ecuador; Carlos Gomez, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Guayaquil and Edison Chaves, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of Ecuador.