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madrid. Aging, like other facets of living beings, it is a complex process with multiple causes. Decipher can help delay senescence of progeria sufferers -a set of diseases that accelerators and healthy people. A team of researchers from the University of Oviedo has found a new molecular mechanism associated with this phenomenon and found that block significantly increases life expectancy. At least in mice and human cells.

The country is in force 69 medical specialization programs, spread over 11 universities, which allow providing training to 1,475 doctors Ecuadorians. The cities with the highest academic offerings are Guayaquil, Quito and Cuenca and 2020, expanding to more than 3,772 students are expected. The new draft Royal Decree on Pricing and Financing of Medicinal raises to state funding.

This award honors those public and private nonprofit institutions whose programs, whether academic fieldwork in Latin America, contribute innovative and efficient alternative in terms of public health for the population of the region. This can be in the areas of care, prevention, research, human resources training.

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